Sundance Pointe Apartment Volleyball

At the south end near the S Tidewater Lakes Creek road are found the resort style swimming pool and the clubhouse. From Edenfield Road, you can enter the gated Sundance Pointe Apartment volleyball court at Tidewater Marsh Drive. You'll find the office along E Tidewater Lakes Creek in a wide parking lot facing the east close to the marsh between two apartment building clusters.

Two volleyball courts, a playground and BBQ/picnic area are found at the eastside of the Sundance Pointe Apartment site. The Sundance community is surrounded by clusters of similar apartment communities as part of its immediate neighborhood on the west, east and south sides. The north is the panoramic water area known as Dames Point Turn.

The Sundance Pointe Apartment volleyball court shows a standard design of a court that allows the players to enjoy playing volleyball with great privacy. Playing volleyball or any outdoor-related sports at the Sundance Pointe Apartment volleyball court can complement your fitness program and enhance wellness.

After a game at the Sundance Pointe Apartment volleyball court, the swimming pool or your apartment bathroom is another fine place to relax. Jump into the pool or take a warm shower in the bathroom, whichever way you create another comfort zone.

The Sundance Pointe Apartment volleyball court is complemented by other community amenities such as a BBQ/picnic area, a fitness center, a sundeck, and a clubhouse. If not, you can explore the outer reaches of the neighborhood and enjoy the parks, restaurants, and shops.

Sundance Pointe Apartment is one of the many beautiful apartment communities in Florida. Located in the midst of the spectacular geographic configuration of Jacksonville, it is surrounded by three interstate highways, and the meandering surrounding bodies of water of St. John's River on the west and Dame's Point Turn on the east near the ten islands between St. John's River and Mill Cove.

Come and visit the Sundance Pointe Apartment and see the difference. We can provide you a tour of the community at 5681 Edenfield Road Jacksonville, FL 32277. Our office hours are from Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. For directions you can call us at (904) 745-5757, or send us a message through our website .


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